Version 4.1.1 (Dec 2016)

šŸŽ‰ Latest update is finally here, it took us awhile to release due to the existence of ehiunlocker that caused so much troubles and our time to focus on improving the app.

We are happy that we have inspired many similar apps that been released out there that follow our footstep for config generator, payload locks, connection log, designs and even splash screen and many more to provide a better app for users to use.

NOTICE: If you are using [split] in your config and having trouble connecting in v4.1, please replace all your [split] to [instant_split]

Known Issues: Some devices such as Vivo will crash upon launching of the app. Please report to us at here


  • Build in servers selection
  • Now you can choose and connect to Evozi servers, you can view it at the app right side navigation drawer menu. For pro users you will be able to lock your config file and prevent users from overwriting your config to use evozi servers.
  • Tether unlocker (root)
  • Tethering is limited by your operator? You can now unlock it with this feature (Not all device is supported)
  • Save config generator settings
  • Frequently play around config generator? This will save your time by remembering your last options.
  • Android 7.1 support


  • SSH & Security & Speed
  • bug fixes and many more!
 Build 56 - Release of v4.1.0
 Build 57 - Fixed config import crash in build 56
 Build 58 - Added Android 7.1 support
 Build 59 - Fix sudden lag/crash while connected and bugs (Stable release of v4.1.0 series)

Since our last update of v3.1 it took us another 3 months to bring you another major update that in v4 that contain many improvements.

Version 4.0 (June 2016)


  • Support for Android 7.0
  • Custom DNS
    • Now you can set your own DNS server to connect to
  • Payload rotation
    • Now you can set your own DNS server to connect to
  • Public key, Diagnostic
  • Advanced settings
    • Battery Saver, Direct SSH Connection (Ignore payload & proxy) and show log on connect
  • More languages
    • HTTP Injector now speak more languages :)


  • User design & Connection system
  • Security & speed & File manager
  • Save even more battery!

and many more! :)

Version 3.0 (Feb 2016)

Thank you for your continuous support towards HTTP Injector app