For troubleshooting problems with crashes a regular log is almost always not enough. In such cases to identify the origin of the problem we need system log. Below is the instruction how to collect and get it.

INFO: You may submit your report to [email protected]

ROOT users

  1. Download and run MatLog

  2. Exit all unrelated or unwanted apps so other app activities won't get logged too

  3. Choose "Record" in the file menu. Choose a name for a log file or just press OK. Now you can press Home button, MatLog will continue recording the log in background.

  4. Reproduce the issue or crash (Make it crash).

  5. Open MatLog press "Stop record" in the menu.

  6. Send this log to our support team

Non Root users

Part #1: prepare the device

  1. Switch device to the developer mode. To do this: go to "Settings" -> "About" -> tap on Build Number 7 times.

  2. Go to "Developer Options"

  3. Enable "USB debugging"

  4. If your device runs Android 5.0 or later, increase "Logger buffer sizes" to 4MB per log buffer

4MB should be enough for storing the logs we need until you're able to do the second part (getting log from the device);

Important: You need to reproduce the problem after you've done with the first part!

Part #2: get the log

  1. Connect your device to PC with USB cable

  2. Download SDK Platform Tools
    Direct download link (

  3. Run this command in the console (it will be opened after install):
    adb logcat -v threadtime -d > C:\logcat.txt

Send this log to us by contacting support or by any other way.