It took us almost 8 months since last update and things have been pretty quiet around here since then.

This release mostly improvements, and bug fixes, however there's some extra mini feature being introduced in HTTP Injector

[Beta Test] Now you can monitor your internet speed with Network Speed monitoring app



  • Android 8.0 (Oreo) support

  • Direct SSH/Direct SSH with payload tunnel method
    You now may tunnel your connection without proxy (only dropbear supported)

  • DNS Changer
    The website you want to visit has been censored? Now you can change your DNS without root or connected to proxy/SSH. (DNS setting can be found at app setting)

  • Set custom routes
    Include/exclude routes using CIDR format, please don't enable this unless you know what you are doing as this setting will be included when you export your config

  • Restore pro version
    Go to the purchase page again to restore

  • Reset settings in payload generator

  • Tether unlock for Wi-Fi
    (Connected to hotspot that have tethering limitation? but you device have root? Now you can remove the limit)

  • UDPGW port support
    For server owner, please install udpgw on your server to enable UDP forwarding

  • Local Port Binding


  • App performance
  • Show ehi file last modified date
  • User interface


  • Support more file import situation
  • Ability to detect network changes on android 7+
  • Crashes on vivo devices
  • Crash after connected on some devices

and more!

Release Notes:

We know that you hate multiple updates in a day but due to unexpected crash, we have to issue a new release before it impact more devices, sorry about that :(

Build 71:
[Fixed] Crash fix
This will be final release for HTTP Injector 4.2 series
Build 65-69:
[Added] Direct SSH with Payload option
[Added] Direct mode to payload generator
[Added] Selectable tunnel types
[Fixed] Ads crash on android 5.1
[Improvement] Cached SSH connection
[Improvement] Show error info, export config details, reconnection
Build 64:
Fix connection restart for rooted device after trying to launch the app again
Added referer in payload generator
App filter - app are excluded by default
Build 63:
Fix SSH public key saving issue
Build 61/62:
Attempt to fix config export crash on Android 4
Build 60:
(see above highlights)

What's coming next

In next HTTP Injector update, we will focus on adding extra connection method.

Security Alert (#3)!?

Don't worry, all you need to do is go to your xposed module and disable the module that you suspect it modifying/hooking HTTP Injector app.


Android 5.x users, please update your:
xposed: Using xposed? We are not sure why it's not compatible with HTTP Injector app, please temporary uninstall your xposed completely. If the problem still persist, please reformat your device without xposed installed.

Still crashing? Send us the crashlog -

App auto close in background? Try use Greenify to stop unwanted apps running.

Despite that we have try our best to ensure best compatibility, we still recommend you to use latest Android version to prevent any issue, all our release will be tested on latest Lineage OS (7.1.2) and some well known devices before releasing to Play Store.

We are aware that some devices will crash, this is due to running on old custom firmware, bug from phone manufacturer or running on clone/low end devices.